Drool (2012) – By Brian Morton

What is there to say about a movie called Drool? Well, if you’ve seen it, then you’ll know that there’s not much to say…but a lot to see.

Droll is a short that features two people covered in what seems to be drool…in fact, one of them is drooling on the other through the movie. Is this an alien trying to digest a victim? Is it some bizarre sex ritual? Is it just gross? Well, besides the gross part, we can’t be sure.

What I can be sure of is that this is a movie that will stay with you, once you’ve seen two naked people covered in slime, you really can’t unsee it! Drool isn’t a horror film though, it feels more like and experimental art-house film. There’s nothing obscene going on, and there’s never any dialogue, just two people writhing around covered in…well, drool!

I’m giving Drool 2 out of 4 cigars, I think it’s way out of my league as a film-viewer, I’m sure that there’s symbolism going on here that I’m just not smart enough to decipher. It looks great and it’s definitely memorable…it’s just kind of disturbing! If you’re at a film festival and Drool is playing, grab a seat and catch it….it’s certainly worth checking out!