Earthsea the Mini-Series (2004) – By Jason S. Lockard


A good sci-fi story bring action adventure, entertainment and drama. Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi story? I know I always have. Tales that are just a beyond what we see in daily life! They transport us to another world. One such story is Earthsea was originally a book series was adapted into a mini-series on the small screen. Once available on DVD it has been out of print for over a decade that is until now thank to Mill Creek Entertainment.

The story follows a reckless young wizard named Ged played by Shawn Ashmore, (best known for his role as Iceman in the X-men movies) who learns that he is destined to be the greatest sorcerer the mythical world of Earthsea has ever known. But before he can fulfill his destiny and save his world from the evil king Tygath, he must first master the powers he has been given.

The miniseries is loosely based on the books by Ursula K. LeGuin. Now I use the term “loosely” because the miniseries in many ways does not resembles the book. So does that mean this miniseries is not entertaining? Absolutly not! The story is good. The action and special effects are stellar. One of the major issues with this miniseries is that the story feels rushed. This story would probably have been better if it was a four part mini-series instead of a two.

This miniseries boasts of an all-star cast featuring the great Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon movie series), Isabella Rossellini (Death becomes her) and Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) among others. The cast has a good chemistry and work well together.

The two part mini-series running almost 3 hours in length is one one dvd and the dvd menu is easy to navigate. The audio and video quality is good. It’s not HD, but it still doesn’t look bad on the big screen TV. There is no bonus features, but your getting an almost three hour miniseries for less than ten bucks.

So if your a fan of sci-fi movies, you gotta check Earthsea out! Just don’t expect it to be like the book! Head over to and pick up your copy today!

Moral Rating: sexual situations and violence
Audience: parental guidance
Genre: Drama
Length: 177 Minutes
Our Rating: B+