Easy Prey (2012) – By Brian Morton

I guess it’s safe to say that everyone has wanted to be a vampire once in their life. But, when would you want to be changed and why? It’s one of the questions asked by Jeremiah Kipp in his new short, Easy Prey.

We meet an old man and a girl having dinner, and he’s asking her questions. It seems that she’s a vampire and he wants to be changed….or does he?

Easy Prey isn’t as easily classified as all that, it begins as what you think is a horror film, but quickly becomes something else entirely. What? Well, I guess you’ll have to check it out for yourself to see.

It’s definitely a fun movie that will have you looking back on the days when your imagination was all you needed to have a fun afternoon with friends! I’m giving Easy Prey 3 out of 4 cigars, it’ll take you more than one viewing to enjoy it fully, but it’s worth the time…trust me! Check it out for yourself by heading over to http://vimeo.com/35222774.