Echo (2010) – By Brian Morton

Everyone loves the mafia…if you think they don’t then just look at the popularity of The Godfather and The Sopranos. So, that being said, why not combine supernatural/other-worldly being with a mafia war, which is what Todd Douglas Bailey does with his new movie, Echo, with somewhat mixed results.

The story here is about a group of friends. They hang out; enjoy trivia contests and generally partying together. When one of them (the sister of one of the others) disappears, it seems that it’s up to the others to find her. And, then it seems that one of our little group is particularly good at tracking and finding things. As the story evolves, we discover that one of our little group is actually not a human, but a member of a race of ancient people who share our world. And, luckily, he’s a mighty warrior and will find out missing girl and save her.

The mix of sci-fi (ish) characters and a mafia storyline seem to be a very cool idea. Unfortunately, the actors that populate the movie aren’t that great. The lines delivered feel stilted, the action feels forced and, overall, the movie suffers from it. It feels like the actors were given lines and then told to read them as written, instead of making them their own…but that’s just my opinion. There’s also the issue that we never really find out what exactly is going on with our other-worldly beings…where are they from, what do they want, we’re left wondering all of these things.

I’m giving Echo 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great concept somewhat poorly executed, and I’d love to see what Bailey could do with a bigger budget and better actors with this same premise! You can check out the trailer and find out more by heading over to