Ed Wood’s ‘Devil Girls’ (2007) – By Duane L. Martin

Last month I reviewed, "The Vampire’s Tomb", another Ed Wood film by Andre Perkowski.  I was supposed to review this one as well, but I watched the wrong thing on the DVD and ended up not getting the review done in time.  Anyway, here it is…finally.

Devil Girls is another film from Andre based on an Ed Wood story.  It’s about girls, addicted to drugs and sex who are involved with a drug ring.  I’ll save the longer description because the shorter one pretty much says it.

This film, like The Vampire’s Tomb, combines stock footage with newly shot material to bring the whole Ed Wood experience to life.  Whereas The Vampire’s Tomb combined these elements and created a film that Ed himself would have smiled upon, this particular film, for me anyway, just came up short.

But why?  Well, there are a few reasons actually.  First, this film feels far more disjointed than the other, and much less coherent.  Where I had little problem focusing on the other film, this one had me fighting to keep my attention on it.  I think this was actually caused by three things – the editing, characters I couldn’t get into and the story in general, which wasn’t really all that interesting.

Now while the film itself isn’t all that great, I can’t fault the performances.  The actors all did a great job bringing the right type of an Ed Wood feel to their roles.  The guy who played Lobo in the other film who actually looks like a young Tor Johnson, also appeared in this one as Lobo.  The problem was however, he was working in a local cafe and the whole thing just didn’t feel right for the whole Lobo character.  He nailed the character in The Vampire’s Tomb, but in this one I just didn’t buy it.

Now to be fair, this was a rough cut of the film, and hopefully some more editing will be done on it to bring out its true potential.  As it sits now though, what we have is an ok film that needs some work.  Is it worth seeing?  Sure, if you’re a fan of Ed Wood films then you’d definitely want to check out both this one and The Vampire’s Tomb.  The Vampire’s Tomb however, was a far superior effort.

I don’t believe there’s a website, but you can check out the trailers for this and Andre’s other films on the Terminal Pictures YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/terminalpictures.