Emasculation (2011) – By Josh Samford

In the years that I have spent writing for Rogue Cinema, I have seen my fair share of short films dealing with relationships. From those that are so sweet that they rot your teeth, to some that can only be described as disturbing, it is one of the more popular subjects to tackle in the world of independent shorts. The one thing that remains the same is the fact that people are universally drawn to this topic. It is the folly of the human experience that we must somehow learn to cohabit the same space in order to be happy, but rarely does this happiness come easily. Emasculation is an eight minute short film directed by Miles Trahan which looks at the often-inevitable end to most relationships. Detailing the moments that follow when a young woman, played by Jessica Lamdon, tells a young man, played by Ryan Castro, that she no longer wants to be in a relationship with him. Not only that, but now she no longer wants to be with any man in general.

Easculation is a dark and subtle comedy that catches its audiences right from the start. Director Trahan presents his film with a sharp visual appeal. With lighting and framing that gives his short a heightened sense of polish, the actors are left to carry the weight of the material and deliver an equally as impressive performance. They actually manage to accomplish this goal in fairly spectacular fashion. Jessica Lamdon and Ryan Castro both present well defined and humorous characters who make one of the most awkward conversations any person could ever have seem almost bearable due to their subtle timing. Ryan Castro is fantastic as the slightly meatheaded, and completely insulted, boyfriend who questions his manhood after the awful news is presented to him. Jessica Lamdon is, however, a voice of reason who simply wants to rush out of this awkward situation with as quick of haste as any human being possible could. The two work well together and really pull off the humorous side of what could be an intolerably painful experience.

Although I think it needs not be said at this point, I was thoroughly impressed with Emasculation. At eight minutes in length, Trahan and his crew show that they know how to catch their audience’s attention. I would highly suggest watching the short film for yourself. You can read more about the project via the IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2093106 or you can simply watch the short film for yourself at the official web page http://mag-waste.com/post/11801425027/emasculation.