Emo Pill (2006) – By Brian Morton

 The world of micro-budget movies is a steadily growing one, and one that we should all be watching. It seems that just when you’re about to give up on this sub-strata of the movie world, because you’ve seen one to many backyard zombie movies, something drops into your hands that reminds you why you loved these movies in the first place. That’s what just happened to me when I got the opportunity to see Fleet Street Films new movie, Emo Pill.

Emo Pill is a short, but it’s a powerful piece of film-making. Emo Pill is basically the story of a young man who is stuggling with life, as most of us who have been adolescents have done! His friends are into drugs, his family is more concerned with themselves than him and no one seems to care about him. Just as he’s about to give up hope, an apparition appears to him and offers him a pill, is this spectre angel or devil, will the pill make his life better or worse? Emo Pill is a powerful commentary on medicating yourself to attain happiness and also offers a glimpse into the mind of depression.

Anthony Spadaccini has put together a short film that conveys his message without any dialogue at all! With an ending that spins the whole story on it’s head, is the story what we thought it was or is it or is it just a final dream of our ‘hero’, this is a well crafted movie, well acted movie and I can honestly say, I can’t wait to see what’s next from Anthony! If you’d like to check out Emo Pill for yourself, and you really should, head over to Fleet Street Films.com and check it out for yourself. So, until next time, when we’ll talk about my movie, it also has no dialogue, not for dramatic effect, but because I’m too cheap to buy any microphones, remember that the best movies are bad movies!