End Land (2013) – By Brian Morton

What happens when you die? That’s something that everyone thinks about at some point. Is there a heaven or hell? Reincarnation? Well, the only people who really know, haven’t come back to tell any of us, so we’ll just have to speculate. Well, a new movie from director Jason Schumacher and writer / co-director Nathan Graves, End Land, gives us a glimpse at when he thinks might happen.

In End Land, a dentist who’s killed himself wakes up in a small room with a very strange man. There’s a table and chairs and the man is full of questions, even though he scoffs at the question of where the dentist is at, it soon feels like this might be hell…but, we’ll never know for sure.

Schumacher and Graves haves captured the feel of a Twilight Zone episode in a scant 9 minutes, this weird man in a bare room, no answers to questions, it’s certainly eerie, and raises more questions than it answers! I’m giving End Land 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s hard to capture this kind of weirdness on a low budget, so it’s a true testament to the writing and acting! It’s a short that’s well worth your time! Find out more, and visit End Land for yourself, over at http://www.jasonschumacher.com.  You can also check out the YouTube channel or the website of Jason’s other film, The Telephone Game.