Eros School: Feels So Good (1977) – By Duane L. Martin

Ryu (Murakuni Shohei) is a country boy, and a transfer student. He (along with his beloved pet pig) transferred to his new school because he’s a serial rapist and he’s been in and out of various schools because of it. Now that he’s at his new school, he’s raping his way through all the girls on his way to reach his ultimate conquest, the school track hero and class president, Misa (Asami Ogawa). Tadao, a fellow classmate, is in love with Misa and wants her for himself, but she doesn’t give him the time of day, even though he does his best to be nice to her. The girls run this school, but when Ryu arrives, they find that they’re no longer in the driver’s seat, and as much as they fight and protest, once he has his way with them, they find that sometimes it’s better to not be in control. More often than not, the girls want it again once they’ve had it, but Ryu the Rapist as he’s known by, only rapes a girl once and then moves on to the next, working toward his ultimate goal…Misa. The teachers do absolutely nothing to stop him, nor are the police ever called. Ryu has the run of the school, and he’s taking full advantage of it.

The Nikkatsu collection is a series of sex films put out by the now 100 year old Nikkatsu film studio during the 70’s and 80’s. This film is the third release in the collection from Synapse’s Impulse label.

While some may be offended by the content of these films, rape fantasies in women are a very real thing, and Japan is well known for these types of extreme sex films, largely in part created as a reaction to their sexually repressive society.

This film actually takes a subject as serious as rape, and makes it kind of funny. The situations and reactions to it all are so ridiculous that they become amusing, and Tadao and his nerdy friend make it even more so, even leading up to a crazy scene at the end where Tadao, becomes so sexually frustrated, that he turns to rape as well. Now he just needs to work on species selection….

There’s really not a whole lot to say about this film. It is what it is. It’s amusing and silly at times, a bit more serious here and there, but generally what you’d expect from a film like this. It’s made to sort of give a visual aspect to sexual fantasy without being over the top serious about it all. The sex scenes are somewhat hot, but they can only show so much, and even less because of Japanese censorship laws. You get some T&A but that’s about it. Nothing else is shown, so they have to be really careful how they shoot the scenes, because if any pubic area is exposed, it would have to be blurred. As you can imagine, shooting a rape scene under those conditions while still making it hot is difficult at best. Still, they did a good job of it, and you can tell it was done with a practiced hand. They’re used to having to shoot around things like that, and they worked it out quite well.

Compared to the rest of the Nikkatsu Collection that’s been released so far, I enjoyed this one probably about as much as Debauchery, but not quite as much Sex Hell, which so far has had the best story of the lot. While there’s nothing believable about the story in this film, it was good for what it was, and provides you with 67 minutes of somewhat hot, somewhat amusing entertainment.

This release doesn’t really have any special features, other than liner notes written by film scholar Jasper Sharp and newly translated subtitles. Still, it’s a pretty decent entry in the collection, and if you want to collect them all, it’s a no brainer to pick yourself up a copy.

If you’d like to find out more about this film or to pick yourself up a copy, you can check out its page on the Synapse Films website here.