Everett: The Spirit of Christmas (2005) – By Brian Morton

In the history of horror movies, there’s one type of movie that seems
to stand the test of time. That’s the holiday inspired horror movie.
Every holiday from Valentine’s Day up to and including Friday The 13th
have been made into a horror all their own. But there’s one holiday
that seems to inspire horror movie makers almost as much as Halloween,
and that’s Christmas.

Why is Christmas a target for horror movie makers? Well, it’s probably
all that peace and joy and loving your neighbor crap, it’s enough to
make anyone want to take a shot at their fellow man. And so it seems to
be with Everrett: The Spirit Of Christmas. This is the story of an
unwanted toy (did someone see that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reighdeer
special while having a couple of drinks?) who will kill anyone who
doesn’t have the Christmas spirit.

It starts when Everrett’s thrown away by a neighbor and a little girl
finds him. While he’s in the garbage Everrett has made friends with
other unwanted toys who also want revenge on everyone who doesn’t have
the holiday spirit. In the mayhem, they kill a burglar, a vandal, the
weird neighbor lady and another drunk neighbor who talks to his own
hand! To say this movie is weird is understating it a bit.

Everrett is a little too long, even at it’s 45 minute length and it
seems a little padded at times, the shots of the Christmas decorating
at the beginning of the film are a little too long and almost seem like
home movies gone horribly wrong. Overall, this movie has potential, the
idea of Christmas toys killing people isn’t a bad one, but this movie
could’ve used a slightly bigger budget, which isn’t the fault of the
film-makers! And if you’re like me and hearing those damned Christmas
carols over and over have you wanting to chew your fingernails off at
the knuckle, then Everett will make you homicidal!

If you’re looking for a holiday movie to make you cringe, Everrett
might be for you, and you might cringe for more than one reason! For
more information or to buy and experience Everrett: The Spirit Of
Christmas for yourself, check out http://www.everettmovie.com.