Evergreen (2014) – By Philip Smolen

How would you live your life if you and your lover were immortal? That’s the central theme of writer/director Adam Zuehlke’s new short film Evergreen.  The two character movie explores the relationship between Charles (Aaron Courteau) and Sylvia (Emily Fradenburgh) who have been lovers for several hundred years. When their love was new, they spent every waking moment together and decided to go on one long adventure. Little did they suspect that immortality would play a part in their developing relationship. Cut to present times and the couple have chosen to play an entirely new game that involves life and death and the possibility of experiencing a rebirth of their lives and their love for each other.

“Evergreen” catches you off guard initially, because of the game that Charles and Sylvia are first seen playing. It takes a few minutes before you begin to understand exactly what the couple is doing to each other. But the seriousness of their game makes sense simply because they have experienced all that life has to offer over the past several hundred years. They have a constant need to feel their emotions and this requires greater and greater amounts of danger.

Writer/director Adam Zuehlke wraps his time travel romance in lush images and deep focus photography. He succeeds in taking you into the world of these two privileged beings where nothing else matters except their quest and need for emotional fulfillment. Aaron Courteau and Emily Fradenburgh are great together and their chemistry seems all too real.

The short also features a beautiful score by Bill Hawkins Finn which provides an emotional bridge for Charles and Sylvia’s love. The only issue that I have with the film is that it’s far too brief. It ends just as it’s getting interesting. But, as a short cinematic experience, “Evergreen” weaves an enchanting tapestry and is hauntingly beautiful.

For more information on Evergreen, please visit these sites: http://www.evergreen-movie.com and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Evergreen/430736237011645