Every Other Day is Halloween (2009) – By Katie Wynne

To some folks, horror is a novelty, to others it is a chance to face your fears and conquer them through heroes. And to others still, horror is a way of life. So it goes for the charming Count Gore De Vol, the beloved character played by Washington, D.C.’s memorable late night horror host Dick Dyszel.

Recalling the glory days of after hours public television, Every Other Day is Halloween offers a closer look at the man whose enthusiasm for entertaining inspired generations of horror hounds, writers, directors and soon-to-be Twilight fanatics. Dick Dyszel played several characters, including Bozo the Clown, Captain 20 and Count Gore De Vol on WDCA-TV Channel 20 for over thirty years. And despite being cancelled and called back multiple times over the course of his career at the station, Dyszel’s passion carried him through the frustrations

It’s rare to find a documentary film with such charm and which offers as much encouragement as EODIH, which is why I would recommend you watch it regardless of how you view the horror genre. Yes, it’s a movie about the quirky public access culture, but more importantly it’s a story about following your dreams and letting your passion guide you through the difficult times.

The only drawback for me was one of the more current television personalities that they featured, Jerry Moore II also known as Karlos Borloff. He reminds you each and every second that he is a rocker, to the point that it’s distracting. For instance, during most of his interview clips he plucks his guitar for no reason. Then, he makes sure to tell the viewer that he is plucking his guitar. Those parts were annoying and hard to choke down, but luckily his wasn’t the story the film focused on (crisis averted).
After watching the film, I was overwhelmed with all of these ideas for my own late-night show – and that’s what is so terrific about it. The movie makes you feel like anything and everything is possible. Now, I didn’t see Invictus, but my guess is that EODIH would take the motivational cake. It’s serious fun, in each and every way.

Take a trip over to http://www.everyotherdayishalloween.com and fall in love with this little film like I did.