Evil Aliens (2005) – By Jason Patfield

 I usually check reviews prior to renting films, I had read a couple reviews on Evil Aliens so I thought I was in store for a zombie movie, boy was I wrong, dead wrong.
Evil Aliens tells the story of Michelle Fox, a sleazy reporter hell bent on getting the perfect story. After Michelle gets a lead that a pregnant girl claims to be bearing an alien child, she packs up her crew and heads to the remote island to get the perfect story.
Suddenly Michelle finds herself in deliverance country and that’s about the time when the movie gets bloody, and I mean bloody!

Evil Aliens is a mish mash of sci-fi, horror and comedy and an pays an exuberant amount of homage to Dead Alive, Bad Taste, Evil Dead, Night of the Creeps, shit there’s so many I can’t name them all.

This homage routine works well in the beginning but steadily becomes played out. Yes we get it; Jake West likes horror movies. The over indulgence of blood, especially sprayed in the face of the character becomes numbing, this effect is done so frequently, that after the 15th time it becomes annoying, seriously 15th time if not more.

Jake West does manage to do a great job with the special effects, makeup, character development and sets, the detail inside of the alien’s ship is phenomenal and the alien’s costumes are realistic as it gets. It balances the sci-fi and horror genre well and throws a mix of comedic overtones which makes it a fun fast paced film.  

Unfortunately Evil Aliens is far from perfect; the acting is rigid and in some cases the computer animation is ridiculous, but the biggest problem is originality. Evil Aliens borrows so much from its predecessors, it just becomes predictable.

However any horror or sci-fi fan (Sci-fi fan as in Aliens, Life Force, etc. not Star Trek or Dune) can overlook these slight imperfections and enjoy. I even found a pretty fun drinking game online, so be sure to get some brew and a couple friends together and check out Evil Aliens, it might even be better when you’re drunk?

*** / *****