Evil Bong: High-5 (2016) – Jim Morazzini


When a franchise is on it’s sixth film, reviewing it is, to a certain degree pointless. Obviously the studio has found a formula that the viewers want, and the viewers are happy with it. Short of a disastrously bad film or the concept finally wearing out it’s welcome things aren’t likely to change. However, it is still our duty to watch and report back, if only for the casual viewers who may consider watching them.

The plot, such as it is, sees EeBee the Evil Bong deciding that ruling the Bong World isn’t enough, she wants to take over Earth. But for that she needs seed money, one million dollars worth. Her plan is to send Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) and The Gingerdead Man back to Earth to sell her highly addictive weed. Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney) and Velicity (Amy Paffrath) remain behind as hostages to make sure the guys don’t try anything funny. The rest of the film involves various odd characters, (most from other Full Moon franchises), come into the store and have some sort of humorous interaction with the guys or airhead Phoebe (Mindy Robinson) also returning from the last installment. The ending is a set up, and announcement for Evil Bong 666, so we know the cycle is set to repeat.

Is the film any good? Well go back to what I said in the first paragraph, I haven’t seen all the sequels but it’s certainly enough like what I have seen to keep the fans happy, for others it may be rough going. Just about all of the film takes place in one of two locations, the Bong World or inside the store and at times it can seem like one long infomercial for Band’s other projects, (the URL for where you can buy his line of miniatures is even flashed on the screen at one point). There are some some funny one liners (“You look like something a raccoon shat out after Halloween”), but a lot of it was lost on me, maybe due to my lack of familiarity with several of the crossover characters. I found most of the drug jokes pretty weak and despite being unrated and having two “Poonishers” allegedly guarding the girls it has minimal bare skin on display, just a lot of sex jokes and innuendo. This could easily have gotten a PG-13.

But, this seems to be what the fans want, and that’s what matters. It’s built in audience should be happy with it, for the rest it’ll be a matter of taste. It’s not the worst thing out there, but it’s far from Full Moon’s best.



Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsL8MrEhNiA