F-3 (2013) – By Brian Morton

Government conspiracies are everywhere. No matter the topic, someone somewhere thinks that the government is involved in a bad way. Well, that’s one aspect of a new movie from Jesse Knight called F-3.

F-3 is about a soldier who’s back from the war, but he’s been changed, either by the war or by nanotechnology or by drugs, it’s hard to say, but he’s changed and not for the better. He’s a killer and he’s self destructive and he’s hearing and seeing things that aren’t there.

Here’s the problem I had with F-3. The story is hard to follow, it’s filmed in a very dark way, with a lot of effects that make it hard to see things sometimes and there’s a soundtrack behind everything that, after a while, begins to get on your nerves, it’s a constant sustained tone that’s supposed to make you feel on edge, but eventually just makes you wonder what’s annoying you. F-3 wants to be the story of a soldier who’s been turned into something evil by the government, but the story is so convoluted and hard to follow, that I’m not 100% sure that’s all there is to it. There’s something about a girl, who may or may not be dead, the movie jumps from the war back to an apartment without really explaining the reason why we’re jumping and every person who talks has so much reverb and distortion on their voice that, at times, it’s all hard to understand.

I’m giving F-3 1 out of 4 cigars, it’s an interesting concept, poorly executed. You can find out more for yourself by heading over to http://www.jesseknightfilms.com.