Facade (2015) – By Misty Layne


Made by Ryan Jamison when he was only 16, FACADE is an extremely well-made and put together short film about the struggles of teenage life. It’s realistic and simple and makes for compelling entertainment. Major kudos go out to Jamison and his team of actors for this film.

The storyline is simple, just a “day in the life” sort of thing. We meet several groups of teenagers – the bullies, the popular girls, a couple of loners, partiers – and see how they all interact. The main focus, however, is on the pressure of fitting in with your friends and how we put on different masks in life to fit in with different groups. Also, sometimes even we aren’t sure who we are. And as these groups interact, we see various characters masks slip on and off, and see them struggle with the decision of who they want to be. It’s all very real and touching.

All of the actors did a fine job (and I do admit, I was impressed, because I did expect some bad acting from a bunch of high school kids – sorry guys!), but the standout for me was the actor playing “Arthur”, the loner photographer. I thought he was excellent and so sad-making. The cinematography was really good too. No homemade video looking stuff here; just really good camera work.

Overall, FACADE is an impressive short film, especially considering the age of Jamison when it was made, and one I enjoyed immensely. Incredibly heartfelt, it gives a fabulous insider’s look at teenage life. Definitely recommend! You can check out RyJam Cinema over on Google+!