Fallout (2014) – By Brian Morton

When a short film is done well, there’s nothing like it. I’m a big fan of someone telling me a story that’s the length that it needs to be, without any sort of padding or filler in the mix. That’s what writer/director Derek Dubois has done with his new short, Fallout.

Two brothers are locked in a fallout shelter, we’re not sure what’s happened to the rest of the world, but they’re clearly worried that someone…or something…is going to get in with them. The only contact they have with the outside is a radio, that’s playing music. In this isolation, paranoia is beginning to run rampant within the older brother, and in the end, it leads to a big problem.

Fallout is one of those stories that leaves you wondering what the hell you just saw, and what the hell just happened. Is there something out there? Or is it just in the mind of these men, we’ll never know. Dubois has made a very interesting and intriguing story with just two men in one small setting…something that’s not easy to do, and he’s done it with a great story, two great actors and has left the audience wondering what the rest of the story is…which I love in a short!

I’m giving Fallout 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a wonderful short about terror, paranoia and how it can sometimes all be in the mind! Find out more by heading over to http://www.derekdubois.net.