Far (2012) – By Brian Morton

The last time I got a movie from Brian Crewe and Marion Kerr it was Golden Earrings and it was great. So, when I got Far, collaboration between Crewe and Kerr, I was genuinely excited…and it was totally justified!

Far is the story of a date. David is taking Hannah on their first date, the problem is that Hannah has never had a date before and things get very weird, very fast. After ending the date, David has second thoughts and declares a ‘do over’ and the date begins again, this time was terrific results. David finds Hannah fascinating, fun and a joy, but, when it’s time to end the date, Hannah has a secret that David never suspected!

Now, if you know me, or have read anything that I’ve reviewed, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of horror movies. What you probably don’t know is that I’m also a huge sucker for a great romantic movie (cue the ball busting here from the other Rogue Cinema crew!), and Far is a great romance movie! Andre Hall is great as Davie and Marion Kerr is perfect as Hannah and the chemistry between the two is fantastic! Far looks great and it’s one of those movies that you’ll find yourself revisiting. And, if you don’t have your heart-strings plucked at the end of the movie…well, you better get yourself checked, because you might be heartless!

I’m giving Far 4 out of 4 cigars, because I can’t give it 5! Well written, well acted and just a fantastic package, kudos to Brian Crewe and is…well…crew, for putting together one of the best shorts I’ve seen this year! Do yourself a favor and take a date to check this one out! Find out how to see Far by heading over to http://www.farshort.com.