Fast Zombies With Guns (2011) – By Brian Morton

I’ve always been a fan of indie zombie movies; they’re just fun and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Well, the latest from Chemical Burn, Fast Zombies with Guns is no different. It’s a great zombie romp…with a bit of a difference.

The story here is about a mafia hit, one that’s supposed to look like an accident. Poison is dropped into the well of a local man, who owes some money to the mob, but the poison doesn’t kill him, it turns him and his girlfriend into flesh craving monsters. And we all know what happens when flesh craving monsters are on the loose…they bite others who then become flesh craving monsters themselves! Soon, the entire town is overrun with these zombies, who have somehow kept enough of their coherence to gather guns! That’s right, if they don’t run you down and eat you, you’re liable to be shot…then eaten!

Now, don’t think that we’re breaking any real new zombie ground here, but none really needs to be broken, does it? This is a fun movie that’s mostly about a small group of people just trying to get to a boat to escape the fast zombies who have guns! The acting is good, the story is good and it’s just a great way to spend an afternoon with a scary movie!

I’m giving Fast Zombies with Guns 3 out of 4 cigars, if you’re in the mood for something a bit different, and love the zombie genre, then you’ll enjoy this. Dodge a bullet or two yourself by heading over to