Fear Of The Dark (2006) – By Brian Morton

 When it comes to basic human fears, the fear of the dark is one of the most basic and it’s not really a fear of the dark, it’s really what’s hidden by the darkness that we fear. It’s a very telling fear, because your most basic fear is always in the dark, it’s a deeply personal fear that we’ve all experienced to some extent, but it’s all in our mind…most of the time. That’s the basic theme that runs through the new movie Fear Of The Dark.

Here’s the story: Twenty years ago a serial killer was loose, he was known as the black rose killer, because he left a black rose with each of his victims. The black rose killer massacred Alice’s family, but Alice was spared when the killer was interrupted by a local neighborhood watch patrol that heard strange noises. But, while Alice escaped physically unharmed, she’s been scarred for life and the killer escaped. Now, twenty years later, Alice is a grown woman, still dealing with nightmares of the black rose killer. She believes that she has a psychic link to the killer and, when the dreams become more intense and start happening more often, the killings start again! Is Alice losing her mind? Does she really have a link to the masked killer? Or is someone in her life killing the people around her to drive her beyond the brink of madness? It’s a mystery that could be deadly, or it could be all in Alice’s mind.

Fear Of The Dark, while a little slow in spots, is, overall a good psychological horror movie. The acting, while slightly uneven at times, is pretty good and Rosemary Gore goes from bad to worse by the end of the movie, giving the performance that really holds the movie together. And, with an ending that leaves the whole movie open for interpretation, it’s possible that Rosemary could be back for more! Fear Of The Dark looks pretty good, there are some camera effects that are used better than others, and the story is very good! It’s worth the time to check out Fear Of The Dark, and I’m very interested to see where writer/director Glen Baisley goes next. If you’d like to check out Fear Of The Dark for yourself drop over to Brain Damage Films and check it out for yourself. If you’re a fan of slasher movies, you won’t be disappointed. So, until next time, when I’ll reveal that I’m not actually afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of cherry tomatoes…they’re not cherries, they’re not tomatoes…WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?!?! Until then, remember that the best movies are bad movies.