Feeding The Masses (2005) – By Brian Morton

How many times have you watched a movie that seemed like another movie, except that this new movie was a poor copy? Well, let me tell you, I have, many times! But, I just watched a movie that isn’t a pale imitation of a classic. It’s a movie that the classic would be honored to share the video bin with!

The classic I’m referring to here is the original Dawn Of The Dead and the new movie is Feeding The Masses. Feeding The Masses takes the basic premise of Dawn and spins it in a different direction. Feeding The Masses is the story of TV cameraman, Torch Tenney. Torch is an ordinary guy caught in extraordinary circumstances. Torch runs a camera for Channel 5 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, now ordinarily that’s probably a pretty good gig, but it seems that something called The Lazarus Virus is reanimating the dead and it’s become something of a problem, and while this might sound like a lame Dawn rip-off, there’s a big difference here. You see, the government has taken over the TV stations in Rhode Island and is telling the public that everything is under control, that the Lazarus Virus is almost beaten, when the truth is that the Governor is broadcasting from an ‘undisclosed location’ and the zombies are everywhere! Torch and his crew decide that it’s time for the public to be told the truth and set out to broadcast live from downtown in the heart of zombie-country! This is what Dawn Of The Dead might’ve been if the main characters had stayed and fought instead of running away!

Now, if this sound to you like another zombie movie in a summer of dozens of zombie movies, you’d be wrong Feeding The Masses is something special. Feeding The Masses captures the true spirit of a George Romero zombie movie, from the independent feel of the movie to the storyline to the ‘terrorism in our times’ sub-text, in fact, if Romero were making Night Of The Living Dead today, he’d probably do something very close to Feeding The Masses.

Feeding The Masses takes television from being called the opiate of the masses to being the actual drug, there’s even built in commercials on how to avoid a zombie attack and for a service that will find, re-kill and re-bury your reanimated loved one! Feeding The Masses will hit the shelves in August and if you love a good zombie movie, then you should keep your eye peeled, if you can’t wait that long, then head on over to http://www.Shock-O-Rama.com for more info. And for a pretty entertaining and interesting look at what independent film-making is really like take a look at the DVD extras, the ‘making of’ doc great fun! So, until next time, remember whatever the Government tells you about zombies is a lie and, as always, the best movies are bad movies!