Female Teacher: In Front of Students (1982) – By Duane L. Martin

A pretty, but proper young teacher has taken a job teaching at a run down old high school, but it’s not the students who’ll be learning. It’s her. After she’s raped in the faculty locker room shower, she kept it to herself, but also started to realize that maybe secretly, she wanted to be raped, and even enjoyed it. She didn’t know who had done it, but the rapist left behind a piece of a puzzle…literally. Now she’s on a mission to find out who owns the jigsaw puzzle, so she can find out who raped her. There’s a list of suspects, including a student and another teacher, and as her search continues, she ends up getting raped by not only both of them, but also by another female student as well, who then holds her captive with the boy she suspected for a long weekend of three way rape sex. By the time she does find out who it was who raped her originally, she’s so into the whole thing, that she doesn’t even seem to mind being raped anymore, but at least she’ll finally know who started it all.

This film had a pretty decent story, but where it actually excelled the most was in the sex. While there were a few instances of the whole "agitated 12 year old syndrome" so often seen in these films, for the most part, the sex in this one was very erotic, especially the three way captive sex with two of her students.

I will never figure out why so many women in Japanese films who get raped, simply go on about their business after and never tell anyone. They also never seem to get pregnant either, no matter how many times they’re raped. I realize this is all part of the rape fantasy that comes out of the sexual repression in Japanese society, but still, I guess as an American watching the film, it just seems strange to me.

I actually found this to be one of the better films in the Nikkatsu collection, both because of the sex and the story, but also because I found it to be far more erotic in general than many of the other films in the collection. The rapes in this one didn’t seem as violent or hateful as they were in many of the others, which I think is why it was easier to get into the eroticism of the rape fantasy.

This release from Synapse’s Impulse Pictures label includes newly translated English subtitles, the original theatrical trailer and liner notes from Japanese film scholar, Jasper Sharp.

If you’re into the Roman porno style films, and particularly enjoy the Nikkatsu collection, this is one you’ll want to focus on when deciding on which ones to pick up.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Synapse Films website here, and if you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, you can get the DVD from Amazon, or from any of the other usual outlets.