Fight Night Legacy (2012) – By Misty Layne

Fight Night Legacy, from co-creators Hisonni Johnson and Michael Sarnoski, is a gritty drama about a just released from prison, down on his luck boxer who discovers his health is failing. Upon this revelation, Andre returns to his hometown to take a chance at rebuilding the life he left behind. He soon discovers that what you leave behind isn’t always there to return to, but sometimes coming home and facing the past can bring you into an entirely unthought of of future.

Andre has just gotten out of prison and found out that he has an aggressive form of cancer. He hasn’t been to his hometown in five years. His friend who has just been back home for a funeral convinces Andre to give a return a try, stating that he shouldn’t wait for a funeral to bring him back. With no other options, Andre does just that. He is welcomed by his father who runs a gym and trains boxers (specifically Mickey, an up and comer who’s about to hit the big time). He also seeks out his ex-girlfriend only to discover that he has a son he never knew about. Facing humongous life decisions and the realization that it’s time to be an adult, Andre embarks upon a journey to become a man.

Shot in a style with shades of Instagram and plenty of sunbursts, the film delivers a not wholly unique but fairly fresh take on the comeback kid story. The acting is solid specifically from Mickey and Andre’s father and there’s a nice mix of “home is where the heart is” and angst to hold it all together. The plot is fluid, moving quickly to get Andre home so the conflict can begin and creating several variables to push him into his self-realization journey.

I was fully compelled by Fight Night Legacy and boxing/sport films aren’t what I tend to be interested in so kudos to the project makers for this one!

If you’d like to check out the trailer for the film, or find out about some of Hisonni Johnson and Michael Sarnoski’s other projects, you can visit the P3 Productions website here.