Film Crew – Wet Heat Double Feature (2008) – By Brian Morton

 Here’s an analogy I use alot, if you’ve ever been to a concert by an artist that you really weren’t interested in seeing, if the performer is having a good time, then you will probably have a good time too. Well, I just saw a double feature from Tempe Video, Film Crew and Wet Heat.

Both movies from writer/director Chris Seaver are goofy fun, Film Crew follows a group of theatre workers as they prepare for a midnight Troma festival, one at a time they begin to die in heinous ways and it all leads to a very strange ending. Wet Heat is more from Seaver’s seemingly favorite character, Teenape, this time, our partially human hero is put into the Snake Plissken role as he’s freed from jail to find and return the kidnapped President Of Hollywood. Both movies feature many of the same actors and the sense of humor in both is firmly of the sophomoric variety, but both movies have a charm that will draw you in. The people involved in both movies are clearly having a good time, and that really does translate through the screen!

If you’re into low budget movies that are just good fun, then you’re going to enjoy these, personally, I’m giving Film Crew three and a half out of four cigars and Wet Heat earns three out of four, Film Crew was just a bit more fun. You can check them out for yourself by heading over to the Tempe Video web site. So, until next time, when I’ll be watching those people in the theatre VERY closely, remember that the best movies are bad movies.