Final Five (2013) – By Philip Smolen

The world has been overcome by a virus that has turned its inhabitants into blood thirsty, blood drinking zombie-like creatures with blue eyes. Five final humans seek refuge in an abandoned house. The five include Rip (Matt Martin), Audrey (Roxie Daisy Blum), Skylar (Tanner Dykema), Bree (Shayna Beining) and Candace (Brittant Ellis). Rip wants to get serious with Bree, but she’s concerned about Candace who has a wound on her leg. And Skyler hasn’t spoken to anyone in more than a month. Somehow, this disparate group of survivors has to come together and fend off the blue-eyed monsters attacking the house or the human race will become the latest extinct species on the planet.

“Final Five” is a one take short horror film from directors Radek Michalik and Josue “Moves” Miguel and it offers a pretty good horror bang for the buck. Filmed entirely in someone’s house, it takes the overused zombie apocalypse theme and wrings some decent scares out of it. Filming in low light really helps establish the mood and allows Michalik and Miguel to show things moving in the shadows which really add to the film’s creepiness. There’s also some good music which adds to the angst.

The film’s characters are fairly standard horror movie types and I wish that some of the cast members put in some stronger performances, but they still manage to convey the appropriate levels of horror. “Final Five” is a good horror short that generates a genuinely creepy atmosphere and is a nice addition to the zombie apocalypse genre.

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