Finding Johnny (2013) – By Philip Smolen

“Finding Johnny” is a four minute short film from writer/director Justin Leyba, who also created the thoughtful short “The Old Man and the Lion” (2012). In this film, an Alzheimer’s sufferer (James S. Evans) desperately searches for his son. Frantic, he calls his son’s best friend Dylan (Dylan Cinti) who finds the old man wandering in a local park, totally unaware that his son died two years ago. Dylan then has the misfortune to remind the man about his son’s death.

Leyba’s short is simple, honest and direct, and mourns for those that no one else cares for anymore. In just four minutes, he gives the film a perfect emotional pitch without any wasted effort. And just like a well played piece of beautiful music, “Finding Johnny” reverberates with you far longer than its brief playing time.

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