Finding Space (2007) – By Duane L. Martin

Unlike the other two films from Danny Grossman reviewed in this issue, Finding Space is a drama about a woman whose love won’t let her give up the ghosts of her past.

The film starts out normally enough.  A guy proposed to his wife in a really romantic way one year earlier.  Now they’re laying in bed, and she gets him to tell her the story of it all again.  It’s been a year though, and they’re going back to that same mall, where she’s going to pick out what she wants for an anniversary gift.  Only, once they get there, she drives endlessly around the parking lot looking for a space, and the real truth is revealed.  The husband is nothing more than a specter of her own imagination, and he actually died shortly after they were married.  Her love just wouldn’t allow her to let go.

I think the biggest problem I had with this film was that the first two films from Danny Grossman I reviewed were just absolutely brilliant comedies.  This one was not only a drama, but elements of the story seemed rather cliche and I was actually left somewhat confused by the ending, and what the root cause of her inability to find a parking space represented or was caused by.  Maybe it’s just me being thick, I don’t know.  I just didn’t understand that part of it.

As with Danny’s other films however, the acting and production values were extremely good, but what I think impressed me most was the sound.  Even when they were driving around in the car, the sound was incredibly well recorded and I could clearly hear all the dialogue.  So many film makers fail to deliver good sound in these kinds of shots, but Danny did a great job of making sure everything was recorded properly.

While Finding Space is a good film and I can’t really fault it on much, it just doesn’t stand up to his comedic efforts, and it left me feeling like I just wasn’t getting something.  Danny Grossman is however a brilliant actor and film maker, and now that I’ve discovered his work, I’d jump at the chance to see anything he produces, because I know it’s going to be a quality product.

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