Fit-Boy (2013) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes movies from another country can be hard to understand. Whether it’s a language barrier or a cultural barrier, sometimes they can be hard to follow. Well, I have to admit, when the new movie from Glen Pearson, Fit-Boy, was a bit hard for me to follow at first, but, after a short time, I was right with it and it was a great story!

Fit-Boy starts as, basically, a ‘slice of life’ type movie, following a group of friends who have known each other since grade school days. They’re all growing up, but one of them, the titular Fit-Boy, seems stuck where he is, and he doesn’t seem to want to grow up, or make his life any different at all. But, as the story unfolds, we see that there’s something else going on with Fit-Boy, something that, in the end, takes us to a place that I NEVER saw this movie heading!

Fit-Boy is a bit hard to understand in places…speaking as an American…but if you stay with it, soon you’ll understand the accents and the movie will drag you in, you can’t help but be drawn in to this story, it’s very good!

I’m giving Fit-Boy 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect and it’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy a good story, and you want a glimpse into a different culture, you’ll enjoy it…I promise! You can check it out for yourself…for FREE…over at