Flash Gordon: The Complete Series (2007) – By Jason S. Lockard

Flash Gordon has been apart of world ever since he blasted onto newspapers in a popular comic strip by Alex Raymond in 1930. He moved to movie serials, radio, live action 50’s TV shows, animated series and eventually the 1980s box-office film "Flash Gordon" which featured a soundtrack by Queen. Yes Flash Gordon’s adventures are just as much apart of our world as Superman and Batman!

In 2001 Smallville changed the way we viewed our superheroes and 6 years after Smallville’s debut Sci-Fi Channel tried to tap into that market by doing a young Flash Gordon on Mongo starring Eric Johnson (Whitney from Smallville no less)!

The series follows Flash’s quest to find his lost scientist father, who disappeared when he was just thirteen. Dr. Hans Zarkov (His father’s assistant) tells Flash his father didn’t disappear, he found a rift between space and traveled to another world called Mongo. Now along with his ex-girlfriend reporter Dale Arden, Flash travels to Mongo, a world ruled by the dictator Ming, who controls Mongo’s only water supply.

Many find this series just horrible, but call me crazy, I find the series cool! Could it have been better? Of course the answer is yes, but if you just sit back and enjoy the adventure instead of analyzing why it’s not Flash Gordon, you’ll find you’ll be enjoying it much more than you thought you would!

While there are no bonus features in this release the four disks include crystal clear copies of all 22 episodes of the series short run. This series ended way to soon! Viewers just didn’t stay with it long enough for it to gain it’s legs and about midway through the first season it really started getting good, but viewers had long stopped watching and series fate was sealed! I remember watching it when it originally ran and when I found out it was cancelled I was extremely upset. Another show cancelled before it had a chance to truly shine.

I love this show and for just under $15 on DVD why not give it a shot! You can get a copy at Mill Creek Entertainment Website at www.MillCreekEnt.com this is an extremely underrated series and is desevered a look.

Moral Rating: Violence and Adult themes
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Sci Fi / Superhero
Length: Over 16 Hours
DVD Released: 2013
Our DVD Rating: B+