Flesh Eaters: A Love Story (2012) – Joshua Samford

Zombies are everywhere. They are on our television, in our movies, in our video games, and they are even in our comic books. During the nineties, it seemed as if zombies had fallen out of fashion in the eyes of the big movie studios. However, within the past ten or so years, the marketplace has been saturated by hordes of the undead. So far, it doesn’t seem as if this onslaught will subside any time soon. While I would love to be cynical and completely bash the genre, as well as those who have overpopulated the fictional realm, I honestly can’t do it. Believe it or not, even with the tons of projects currently in development, there is still a lot that can be done with the zombie genre. This leads us to Flesh Eaters: A Love Story. Despite the obvious debt that it owes to various other zombie films from the past, this short manages to provide a unique look at the apocalypse by focusing on two doomed lovers. While some of this material has been done before, by slightly altering genre recipes and presenting a warm story within a technically marvelous shell, this short manages to excel beyond what you might at first suspect.

Flesh Eaters: A Love Story focuses on a young man named Troy and his long time girlfriend Jamie. These two are on opposite sides of town when the zombie apocalypse is finally unleashed upon the world. As Troy travels around his neighborhood, he first comes to terms with this outbreak by witnessing his dead neighbors coming back to life. Jamie, however, is trapped inside of the office building where she works, and her co-workers are falling victim to this virus one-by-one. After witnessing how fast this epidemic is traveling, Troy sets out to find Jamie – but will he find her in time?

The very first thing that I probably noticed about Flesh Eaters would be the visual style present in the movie. Shot with a limited budget, these filmmakers have certainly mastered the art of handheld camera work and proper color correction. The short looks absolutely fantastic, and at times it visually seems to inspire comparisons to the early work of Steven Soderbergh. The technical accomplishments continue to stack up, because the performances on display are actually quite well done. This troupe of unknown actors may not have a lengthy script to work off of, but most members of the cast exude charisma and give their characters some depth. As silly as that may seem from the outside looking in, there is emotional resonance to be found in this short.

Flesh Eaters: A Love Story does have its faults. The movie often tries hard to tie itself into the zombie film genre by throwing together some previously seen material, but for the most part I appreciate what these filmmakers attempted to do. A great looking and well acted zombie short, this one is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. If you’re interested, you can read more about the project and become a fan by hitting like on the official Facebook page.