Follow (2013) – By Brian Morton

I think that I might be totally done with ‘shaky cam’ movies. I wasn’t a big fan to begin with, but it’s become such a cliché that it feels like every filmmaker with an idea thinks that this somehow makes their movie feel more ‘real’. Well, a new movie, Follow, takes that and really doesn’t do much more with it than has already been done.

The story here is about a couple who are headed into the ‘haunted’ woods to camp, she tells him the story of some kids who once camped out and then were attacked by some mysterious creature who killed them because they didn’t have their lanterns. Soon, which was to be suspected, they hear noises, and find themselves in the woods without any lights of their own…only to come under attack by something mysterious in the woods!

The problem I had with this short was that it didn’t feel original in any way. From the ‘camping in the woods’ setting, to the ‘tale of terror that comes true’ aspect, Follow really didn’t have me following as much as it had me ahead of it, knowing what was about to come. It’s shot well, and the filmmaker clearly had a passion for what he was doing, but the story is terribly derivative and felt like a million other ‘shaky cam’ movies I’ve already seen.

I’m giving Follow 1 out of 4 cigars, it’s just didn’t make me jump once and I knew what was going to happen, even before the characters in the movie did! Find out more over at