For Thy Love 2: Love Hurts (2013) – By Kirsten Walsh

The People Network is a force to be reckoned with in Atlanta, Georgia. With several feature films, books, webisodes, commercials, and TV shows under their constantly growing production belt, it is no surprise that their film, “For Thy Love 2: Love Hurts” was filled with familiar, talented faces and a strong story line. Made and released in 2009, the film follows Gerald Bailey as he is forced to make tough decisions for himself and his younger brother. Jerome Cheatham does an excellent job at portraying a conflicted, struggling adult in today’s society that is trying to find his way through love and life. Throughout the film, he spends time arguing with himself in the mirror, and although there are points of humor within that, it is intriguing to watch as he defines his character through his discussions with himself.

The film utilizes some intriguing film angles for cinematography, which add a nice depth and fluidity throughout the story. The performances flow with the dialogue and pull off a realistic feel, especially the interactions of Renee (played by Tarjatta Rose) and Rhonda (played by Angel Devone). As the film progresses and we see Gerald try harder and harder to win Renee’s affection, there is definitely a chemistry that is obvious between the two. I find the relationship between Gerald and his younger (but still adult brother) not as realistic and more friendly than brotherly.

Seeing that a female director helmed this film made it even more intriguing when it came to the story point of Gerald becoming more and more possessive of Renee. Even with his brother telling him to back off, his inner turmoil takes control and pushes him to be more aggressive and negative in his relationship. Cheatham impresses with his ease of switching from a content, calm man to one that is fueled by jealousy and aggression and then that heads down a dangerous spiral. A good story with a sense of sad realism that definitely carries through our modern times. Definitely worth a watch!