Forever (2007) – By Brian Morton

 I believe that it was the philosopher, Freddy Mercury, who asked the question, Who Wants To Live Forever? And, it’s a good question, everyday we meet people who are striving to live forever, not literally, but figuratively. People who want to leave something behind so that the world will know that they were here, it’s very common, what’s uncommon is the lengths some people will go to to get this wish, and that’s what the movie, Forever is about.

Here’s the story, Michael is a man with problems. He’s about to lose his house, his boss is about to fire him and he’s more focused on leaving behind a legacy than solving any of his problems. One day, a strange man wanders onto his property and, when he tries to chase him away, Michael is offered a chance to leave behind a legacy that will have him remembered forever, all he has to do is wear a strange leather collar when he sleeps. At first, he believes that the man is a nut and dismisses the idea, but, as the day wears on, he thinks more and more about it and eventually winds up wearing the collar to bed. The collar makes him have nightmares and Michael wakes up with blood coming from his nose and his ears, but in the dream he believes that he’s had an idea that will not only set him up for life, but ensure him the legacy he dreams of, so he wears the collar again and again. With each wearing of the collar, Michael becomes more disturbed and it all leads to a finale that is one of the best I’ve seen in a while!

Brian Brady is great as Michael, and it’s really up to him to carry the movie, it’s Michael’s descent into madness (we think) that’s the center of the movie. The only real problem I had with the movie were the beginning and the very end, Michael’s story is sandwiched between a couple of set pieces about a couple having marital troubles that seemed to bring nothing to the movie, they were interesting and, I’m sure, meant to set up more tales of the weird stranger (played by Steve Gagliano), who is really a great character, is he a demon, is he a mental patient, or just some strange leather collar salesman?? I’d be interested to see where writer/director Paul Del Vecchio goes next with the concept. Overall, I’m giving Forever three and a half out of four cigars, it’s a great indie movie with an original concept and, while it doesn’t really flinch from it, gore isn’t the center of the story, which is nice for a change! If you’d like to find out more about this great indie movie, drop over to the Forever MySpace page to check out the trailer and find out more about this great movie. So, until next time, when I’ll realize that I’ll be remembered as the guy who sat in a chair and watched movie…and I’ll break down and cry…remember that the best movies are bad movies.