Foxy Brown (1974) – By Brian Morton

Do you remember the 70’s? I do, and trust me; I don’t remember them like this! I’ve been delving into the cinematic past to watch some movies that I’ve heard of all my life, but have never taken the time to watch. The first of these is the legendary movie, Foxy Brown from 1970.

Foxy Brown is one of the most famous blaxploitation movies ever made and most of the reason why is Pam Grier. Besides being a fine actress, Pam is also smoking hot! Now, I understand that this movie was made thirty years ago, but I’ve got to tell you, after watching this, I want to check out some other Pam Grier movies from the 70’s, just to see more of her… and I don’t mean that in the dirty way.

The story here is of Foxy whose boyfriend, who’s an undercover cop who’s been given plastic surgery for his own protection. As he’s being released from the hospital and given a new identity, Foxy’s brother, who’s in deep with the drug dealers, decides that he can get the dealers off his back and maybe make a little money by handing Foxy’s boyfriend over to them. What follows is what you’d expect. The dealers kill the boyfriend, Foxy gets very angry and starts on a campaign of revenge.

What’s different here is the way she gets her revenge. Foxy isn’t the ‘go in with guns blazing’ type. She plans her revenge by infiltrating the organization and then taking down the big wheels. In the course of this, she finds herself being pimped out, held hostage by a couple of redneck, hillbilly drug-dealers in cahoots with Sid Haig, who plays a plane flying drugrunner. There’s lots of action, plenty of 70’s ass-kicking and there’s a final vengeance on the evil male drug dealer that will have you squirming in your seat… especially if you’re a guy!

There’s a reason that some movies are talked about over and over for years and Foxy Brown is a great example of this. Between Pam Grier’s raw sexuality and the excellent revenge that’s taken on the two main villains, Foxy Brown is a movie that will stay with you for a while… and it should, it’s just that good.