Fractional (2013) – By Brian Morton

Movies with only a character or two are dangerous territory, they can either work well, or crash and burn. Well, a new movie by Malcolm Deegan manages to take two characters and make them both compelling and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end….and then some!

Fractional is the story of a psychiatrist (John) who’s being held hostage by a patient (David). David knows a lot about the John, including that his wife is dead and that he killed his mistress (who was also a patient). Now, all the David wants is for the John to tell the truth, about his wife, about his lover and about his life and, only then, will the John be put out of his misery.

Fractional is a bit difficult to explain, the filmmaker (to his credit) doesn’t present everything on a silver platter for us. Deegan expects us to figure some things out for ourselves, and other things are left mysterious intentionally. We never really know the exact relationship between these two men, other than a doctor/patient relationship, although we’re led to believe that bad things have happened due to the John’s neglect. And why David feels that John needs to tell the truth is a bit cloudy until the end, and even then there’s an air of the mysterious that makes you really want to understand what’s really going on.

The strength here lies in both writing and acting. The story keeps giving you enough to keep you interested without just telling you what’s going on, and both actors are amazing here. Desmond Daly is great as John and Peter O’Toole is both creepy and compelling as David! And, when we get to the end of this twisty, psychotic road, the end will make you yell, ‘Wait!! Give me five more minutes!!’, it really is that good.

Now, Fractional isn’t perfect, it’s a bit longer than I would have liked, it never gets boring, but there were times, in the middle of the film, that I felt like the filmmakers were padding out timing a bit, but that’s the only weakness that I saw here…and it’s comparatively minor! I’m giving Fractional 3 ½ our of 4 cigars, it’s imperfections are far outweighed by the strengths that Deegan and company show here! I’d love to see more about David and find out what happens after Fractional ends! You can find out more and see this amazing movie for yourself by heading over to