Freak Out (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Horror movie spoofs have been around as long as horror movies, for every Frankenstein monster out there, there’s an Abbott and Costello waiting to meet them. When it’s done right, a good horror spoof can elicit both chills and laughs, but putting these two things together is probably the hardest type of movie to make and make well. The new movie, Freak Out, makes a valiant effort to combine the two genres, with little success.

Freak Out is the story of Merv and Onkey, two lovable losers who are best friends. Merv is an avid slasher movie fan and, when he encounters an escaped mental patient, Merv decides to make him into a full-fledged maniac. The problem is that the mental patient Merv met is a bit flamboyant, very effeminate and a confirmed vegetarian. Once the training is complete, the maniac turns on his creators and begins killing everyone around them, getting Merv framed for the murders of everyone he knows.

The problem with Freak Out is that, while its heart is in the right place, the laughs are pretty hit and miss, and the horror isn’t all that horrible. Freak Out feels like a fan film that was made with a larger budget. And, since it’s a British film, I’m not sure if it’s just not all that funny or if there’s some cultural sensibilities that I may be missing. Although, I have to admit, being a bit of an Anglophile, I don’t think I’m missing anything. Freak Out is a pretty good premise, but the execution lacks a little something. If you’d like to check this movie out for yourself head over to the Freak Out site and check it out for yourself. And until next time, when we’ll find ourselves face to face with a real cereal killer, and by that I mean, the guy who murdered Quisp, Boo Berry and Cap’n Crunch, remember that the best movies are bad movies.