Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) – By Charles Rector

 What do you get when you take a horrible movie that did well at the box office and proceed to make a sequel with minimal resources devoted to the new flick? Well, in the case of Friday the 13th Part 2, you get a movie that is even worse than the awful original. This is also the case with the Friday the 13th series as a whole: one pathetic excuse for a motion picture after another.

The basic setup for Friday the 13th Part 2 makes zero sense. Camp Crystal Lake has been shut down due to the events depicted in the original movie. However, a new camp has just been constructed right by the old camp. Why bother building a new camp when the old one would do just as well? In the first flick, the mad dog killer was Mrs. Voorhees who was still grief stricken because she believed that her son Jason had died at the camp. In Friday the 13th Part 2, the killer is Jason who witnessed the death of his mother in the first film. Of course, Jason wants revenge for that death and is both willing and able to kill indiscriminately to feel that his vengeance has been fulfilled. Also, Jason had been living in the woods as a hermit since the near drowning incident that had caused his mom to go stir crazy in the first place. With the construction of the new summer camp, Jason’s secret hideout is now threatened with the possibility of discovery and Jason will kill like crazy to prevent the outside world from learning of his secret living quarters and the contents inside the shack.

Naturally, Jason’s first target is Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) who beheaded Jason’s slasher/mother. He does not even wait for the new camp to be constructed before stabbing Alice by an ice pick in the temple and causing her to disappear about two months after the events in the first Friday the 13th. Of course, the producers ask us to believe that after this ghastly slaying, Jason can now keep his murderous proclivities under wrap for another four years and ten months until the new camp is constructed.

Other than the identity of the insane slasher, Friday the 13th Part 2, is for all intents and purposes a rehash of the first flick. Once again, just about all the camp counselors are just a bunch of moronic perverts. Once again, Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney) makes his fearsome prophecies that nobody heeds about how the new camp will become “Camp Blood.” Once again, there is only one counselor who has brains and is able to beat off the attacker, except her name in this flick is Ginny Field (Amy Steel).

Of course, as so with all the other post-Friday the 13th slasher flicks, the movie ends with the lone survivor apparently killing the mad slasher. Of course, if the slasher film is profitable, then there will be a sequel or so in which it is revealed that the killer really did not die. This pathetic excuse for a major motion picture did make a bundle, so Jason got to live on in numerous sequels.

This review should suffice for any of the later Friday the 13th sequels since there is, for all practical purposes, zero variety amongst them.