From Inside (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

In 1993 John Bergin created a graphic novel about a post apocalyptic wasteland. Now over 10 years later. He has released a new motion comic movie featuring the artwork from his amazing graphic novel.

From inside follows a pregnant woman on a train traveling through rivers of blood and corpses. What should be a joyous time for a soon to be mother to at last see her child is a horrific nightmare.

The artwork taken from the novel is stunning and motion overlays are beautiful as well! This motion comic flows just like a real movie. No wonder it has won so many awards.

This movie does not have a happy ending. It is a bleak and horrific look at a world after an apocalypse with no hope for a better tomorrow.

If you love John Bergin’s graphic novelĀ  do yourself a favor and check out the movie on DVD for yourself. Head over to today.

Moral Rating: Some adult situations and violence
Audience: Parental Guidance
Genre: comic book, scifi
Length: 84 minutes
DVD Release: 2014
Our Rating: A