Frozen Alive (1964) – By Danny Runion

Dr Overton is working on developing a suspended animation process to improve surgeries and his bitter, adulterous wife is jealous of the time he spends on the project. While Dr. Overton is testing the suspended animation process on himself, his wife is murdered and the police automatically suspect that Overton is

Watching paint dry is more exciting than this dull soap-opera with a slight twinge of science fiction. Who should be given the blame for releasing this movie upon an unsuspecting public? A joint English and West German production demonstrates international cooperation isn’t always a good thing. I thought the Geneva Convention outlawed such inhumane treatment for prisoners. Prisoner is a good description for anyone stuck watching this movie. The idea of using suspended animation to escape punishment for your crimes is a lot deeper of a comcept than anything that belongs in a movie this shallow. The actors could barely be considered sleepwalking through their roles. The best thing I can say about Frozen Alive is that it is short. Whether the version I have at 64 minutes long is missing a lot from the supposed longer version being 81 minutes, I couldn’t say one way or the other. This movie is a most deserving candidate for a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.