Fun Times at Monster Mania – By Kristin Theckston

 I waited for what seemed like eons for Monster Mania to arrive. I woke up, got ready, hopped in the truck and was there in a flash. Pulling up my jaw dropped at how packed it was, we had to park at least two miles down the street from the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the event was being held and walk back up. When we finally made it in to the hotel parking lot where we could see that the lines for Corey Feldman and Bruce Campbell were already wrapped tightly around the building. Mentally I pouted that they both just flew off my things to do list since there would never be enough time to wait in those lines and still get to see all the other guests that I had in mind.

As my fiancée’ and I walked in we were immediately immersed into a sea of bodies that enclosed around us so we had to fight our way to the main table to get a brochure that would tell us who was where. I swore they used to list the actors names and the rooms they would be signing in so you wouldn’t have to waste all this time looking for them but it was not like that this time. There were however posters on the walls telling you where to go but it was overcrowded and hard to see. Out of all the Monster Mania shows I have been to, this particular one was my least favorite- but don’t get me wrong it was still a great horror convention.

Word on the street is that the founder of Chiller Theatre is not very happy that South Jersey guests have their own show. Now we don’t have to travel all the way to North Jersey to get our horror fix. I find that whole situation to be ridiculous- so you invented the horror convention! Great Job, but your not the only one in NJ that can have a convention. Dealers are complaining because they were told "If you sell at Monster Mania you are no longer welcome at Chiller Theatre." How old are we here? No I shouldn’t really say that because to me it’s all speculation but more than one dealer has told me their horror stories in dealing with Chiller Theatre.

As I made my way around I tried to get pictures to compliment this article but it was out of control- People would see me standing there trying to take pictures of booths or whatever, do you think they gave a shit? Hell no! They just kept walking in front of me while I was trying to get a decent shot. I actually started to get a little pissed at how inconsiderate some people really are. So I wanted to warn you guys reading this I would of had more pics for ya but the above was inevitable! There are still a few sellers booths that I managed to grab pictures of and they were all really great people who were very cooperative in letting me take pictures and such.

Upstairs they were doing one of the coolest things ever…auditioning for a horror movie called The Ghost In The Machine! If you win you star in a full length horror movie that will come to theaters as part of After Dark Horrorfest. This was sponsored by the newer website The website allows you to pitch your film idea to other people and then vote on them- most votes scores a win. I wondered if they started this site since Hollywood has seriously run out of their own ideas? I mean think to yourself, how many remakes we have gone thru already- and you know it’s bad when someone is going to invest their time on Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

I finally made my way into a room to meet the stars from the infamous ground breaking but unexpected hit The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. First up was Edwin Neal who played The Hitcher. He was one of the nicest people that I have ever met. He really took the time to chat with you and was glad to be there. Next up I went to meet Marilyn Burns who played Sally. She was very sweet and shared a few stories with us. A hop, skip and a jump away was John Dugan who was Grandpa. He scared me when I fist saw the movie. That shriveled up old man who was given that hammer to crack Sally on the head with, or sucking on her cut finger – Yuck! He was great, very funny.

Finally I decided to hunt down Monique Dupree- the First Black Scream Queen. She wasn’t listed in the brochure so I kept asking employees where she was. Here she was in the room we were just in, you just couldn’t see her across the room because Malcolm McDowell line was owning it. Monique was very sociable and down to earth. She was even more beautiful in person I wish her luck in all of her future endeavors…although I know she doesn’t need it. The only way this gal is going is up. Sweaty and tired of fighting the crowd we decided we were going to leave and start our two mile hike back to the truck- drained but happy! Cross your fingers and wish me luck for the next show that’s in August.