Gameboy (2013) – By Kirsten Walsh

Back in the early days, there were many films that featured their credits before the film. A good example of these would be any film in the 1960s, especially the beach blanket films and Marilyn Monroe films. “Gameboy”, an 8 minute short film, spends its first minute and twenty seconds with the beautiful splashes of the various production people involved, including “Obscura Amsterdam”, “Rick Wezenaar Photography”, and others. For an 8 minute film, this seems a little overkill, however beautiful. But also, the credit splashes for the various production companies are artistically beautiful and unique, while the title for “Gameboy” is simple and plain.

The film centers around one solitary female character chasing down the missing pieces of what can be defined as a mannequin, while being stalked by a hooded character who, like Jason Voorhees, never runs. With no dialogue in the film, the music and sound effects are all the audience has to go on, which don’t disappoint, but the serene guitar music in the intro and outro creates a huge contrast to the semi-dubstep style music that rolls throughout the film.

The film is edited in a fast paced style, which is beneficial to the video-game aspect, as well as the implementation of the screen graphics and occasional images that pop up. For an 8 minute film, it could definitely have been cut shorter, as the character finding the missing pieces she needs tends to drag on. Once she has the pieces, she is able to construct a full mannequin, and then is challenged to complete her quest, and like every princess looking for her prince charming, all it takes is one kiss. The point of the movie- a female seeking her true love- comes across once she kisses her victor, and the film comes to close.

All in all, a cute short film that showcases some beautiful locations, interesting use of editing, and the sweet victory of true love.