Geography Club (2013) – By Misty Layne

We’ve got another book to film release, this time from Breaking Glass Pictures, in the form of Geography Club featuring Nikki Blonsky, Ana Gasteyer, Scott Bakula and Alex Newell (from the Glee Project and currently “Unique” on Glee). So right off the bat, we’ve got a fabulous cast – I adore Ana Gasteyer and I didn’t even recognize Scott Bakula and I was madly in love with him at the age of 9 due to Quantum Leap…but I digress. My point is, score one for Geography Club for the cast. Score another for the storyline which goes something like this:

Russell (Cameron Deane Stewart) is going out with girls, specifically to help out his bff score a chick of his own. Problem is that Russell is involved on the side in a secret relationship with the school’s star quarterback. When Min (Ally Maki) discovers Russell and the quarterback kissing in the rain and sends them both a note to meet her after school, they fear the worst. However Min simply wants Russell to join the “Geography Club” which is actually a support group for gay students (that nobody knows about). Min and her girlfriend (who must keep their relationship secret as well) plus Ike (Alex Newell) who is confused about who he is, make up the club. Pissed at first at Min’s intrusion into his life, Russell gradually joins them all while trying to balance his secret relationship, his best friend’s needs and school. Will he be able to keep his secret or will he be outed to the entire school?

The story’s solid and while it may run a bit by the numbers, it’s never boring. There are some fabulous secondary characters that come into play that amp up the entertainment and Cameron Deane Stewart plays Russell as wonderfully confused with a hint of terror at people finding out who he is. Ana Gasteyer plays a hippie teacher and provides amazing comic relief while Nikki Blonsky plays Min’s quite the opposite seeming and musically inclined girlfriend. The group has great chemistry for the most part although there was a bit lacking between Russell and his secret quarterback boyfriend. Not enough to detract from the story but one has to wonder what exactly Russell sees in him at times.

Basically what you’ve got here is a sweet, coming of age story told to the best of its ability and its ability is pretty darn good. You can learn more about Geography Club by visiting their Facebook page and Twitter.