Ghost Story (2011) – By Brian Morton

The work of an indie filmmakers is sometimes more difficult than most of us imagine. Besides the obvious, lack of funding, there’s also shooting around a ‘regular’ job, the fickle schedules of actors and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! So, when I see a movie like Ghost Story from Behind The Rabbit Productions, I can appreciate the hard work behind these movies.

Ghost Story is the tale of four friends who are being killed haunted and killed by a malevolent spirit that they encountered years ago. Now, Sophy is back in town and has enlisted Father Mike to help him exorcise his demons and save him from this evil spirit.

The real story of Ghost Story is the filming, started in 1999, filming stopped because of story and budget concerns, Behind The Rabbit picked it back up in 2004 and filmed more and edited the pieces together into a really cool short film. This movie is as much a testament to the tenacity of indie filmmakers as it is a great short! I’m giving Ghost Story 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s a cool short that you’ll appreciate more by just knowing a little about what happened behind the scenes! Find out more by checking out the film’s website here.