Ghostbusters Annual (2017) – By Jason S. Lockard


Whether it’s the classic movies, the cartoon or comics I think we all love Ghostbusters! And IDW publishing is keeping the ghostbusting adventures alive and well. And now the fine folks at IDW bring us the newest comic adventure with The Ghostbusters Annual.

In this very special double-sized edition of Ghostbusters in the 2017 annual. This book is and anthology filled with 9 short stories. We see Ghostbusters from the past, present and future in this annual.

In this awesome book we get the answer to the question where was Winston Zeddemore during the Scolari Brothers incident in Ghostbusters 2. We also tag along with some The Chicago Ghostbusters in an adventure in the Midwest. And we discover the origins of our favorite green poltergeist Slimer, in ‘The origins of Slimer’.

This is an amazing little annual! In 48 amazing pages we are taken on many different adventures! The stories and artwork just transport you into the world of the Ghostbusters. By the time you get to the end you just want more, and thankfully IDW publishing is bringing us more of The Ghostbusters.

So if your a fan of the Ghostbusters! Whether it’s the films, cartoons or comics, this is an absolute must own for your collection! Head over to and get your copy today!
Moral Rating: mild scary images
Audience: my be a little scary for small children
Genre: comic book
Released: 2017
Rating: A