Girl Clown (2012) – By Philip Smolen


A shy young woman named Laura (Crystal Faith Scott), lives quietly by herself in a small apartment. She has a crush on the tenant upstairs (Oliver C. Lester) but can’t bring herself to talk to him. Then one day she mistakenly shows up at an agency that specializes in finding jobs for clowns. Before she knows what happens, she’s given an assignment for a children’s party the following week. Laura is terrified, but as she dons her clown makeup, she begins to transform. By not being herself, Laura is liberated and her inner entertainer emerges. She also finds that being a clown frees her from her shyness and turns her into the type of person she’s always wanted to be; and that other people like to be around.

“Girl Clown” is a 13 minute short film from writer Crystal Faith Scott and director Beth Spitalny and it’s sweet and delightful. Scott and Spitalny successfully tap into a very primal desire that many people have in their hearts; the yearning to escape the hum drum sameness of their lives and become someone exciting and successful. Scott captures Laura’s fears and shyness perfectly as she tries her best to overcome the very things that hold her back in life. When the funny and perky Laura the clown emerges, it’s as if we’re watching a caterpillar transform itself into a beautiful butterfly.

“Girl Clown” is an amusing and quirky look at a shy woman’s transformation that will please a lot of film lovers. My only issue with the film is that it’s over much too quickly. Crystal Faith Scott is currently trying to raise funds to turn “Girl Clown” into a feature film and I sincerely hope she succeeds. A feature length version of “Girl Clown” could turn out to be a real charmer.
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