Girl on a Motorcycle (1968) – By Jon Reino

The sixties saw the rise of biker culture in cinema. Although some films were better than others, many of these films influenced a good number of people to hop on a bike. After the cult popularity of Scorpio Rising these films saw a surge in exposure and the production value, as well as star power, of these films began to grow, hitting the pinnacle with Easy Rider. Unfortunately, Girl on a Motorcycle is not one of the most inspiring films of this era.

The film follows newly-wed Rebecca as she leaves her husband to travel to Heidelberg to see her lover. As she travels through the countryside on her motorcycle, wearing nothing but her leather body-suit, she passes the time reflecting on her life and experimenting with psychedelic drugs. Although some scenes are artfully crafted, most of the movie is a little hard to sit through. Most of the beginning features shots of her riding, some very obviously shot in a studio, with only a narration of her inner monologue. Once the opening credits are finished the viewer is placed right into a tripped out dream where Rebecca is riding an elephant having her clothes whipped off, setting an almost pornographic tone for the film. It is hard to say if this was an artistic choice to have the film be so gratuitously sexual, but it does not seem to lend itself to the film as much as a more well-written script could have.

If you are already a fan of the movie, this blu-ray reissue is perfect for you. The new 1080p transfer from the original 35mm print is clean and beautiful. Distributor Kino Lorber provides a professional package with interesting and modern menus. If you are a fan of the film as it is this will be a great nostalgic experience, but for someone looking for a new reissue of a film you have not seen, this is not a very safe bet for you. Of course fans of Scorpio Rising will feel more at home, the appeal of this film is for a small niche at best.

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