Glacier Bay (2006) – By Jordan Garren

 I have a confession to make… I love… writing for Rogue Cinema! There, the secret is out! But why do I love it so much? Because I get the chance, every single month, to watch films from some of the best and brightest in the indie film community, that’s why! Which brings me to Glacier Bay, an emotionally moving and oft-hilarious love story. The film takes place during a circumcision…. err… um… a confirmation for a young boy named Michael. But that point is moot because the film revolves around two guests at Mike’s confirmation party: an old married couple named Artie and Connie. Artie is suffering the effects of memory loss which he waves off as a side effect of old age, but Connie (and us viewers) know that Artie is clearly a victim of alzheimer’s.

Connie is constantly “babysitting” Artie and moments after they sit down to eat, both of the senior citizens begin a back and forth verbal battle. At first the blows are light, but the argument quickly escalates, resulting in hurt feelings and one heck of a plot twist! (Not to mention a bellyful of laughs for viewers!) However, rather than give away any more of this excellent short film’s plot, I’ll just tell you that the aforementioned plot twist is heart-wrenching. As I stated a while back in my review for “My Christmas Soldier,” I’m a big softy and I get choked up easily, but rarely does a movie cause me to shed a tear. Glacier Bay is one of those few films that managed to yank a few drops of salty liquid from my eyes. Connie’s startling revelation toward the end of the film, coupled with a an overly positive speech by Artie about his degrading memory, made for a tear-jerking experience.

But just when you think that the film is going to end on a serious note, “Alzheimer’s Artie” manages to save the day and delivers a few chuckles before the credits role. Glacier Bay is an immensely well done film and proves to be an emotional roller coaster ride! Director Douglas Moser has crafted in incredible little film here, and along with an amazing cast, has created a story that will have you laughing one minute, and shedding a tear the next. Actor James Noble plays the role of Artie in this film and he just hits the ball out of the park! James was so convincing and without him, I don’t think that this film would’ve been half as good. (Kudos to you James!) Also excellent is Dorothy Bryce as Connie, Artie’s stressed out wife of many years. Dorothy believably conveys a variety of emotions throughout the film and jumps from annoyance, to forgiveness, to intense anger, to confusion, and finally to sad acceptance in the movie’s final moments.

I truthfully cannot praise this movie enough and it truly is a strong film debut for Open the Gate Pictures! The film is not currently for sale, but here’s hoping for a DVD release in the very near future because the American public, nay the world, needs to see this movie! For more information regarding Glacier Bay and upcoming productions from Open the Gate Pictures, visit the OGP Website! Great job guys and gals, I can’t wait to see what else your independent film productions company churns out next!