Gold Men (2013) – By Brian Morton

If you watch and enjoy any of those ‘gold prospecting’ shows, then you’re liable to love a new movie from Steve Wilcox called Gold Men.

The tale of Dakota Red, Wylie and Buffalo Bill Bob, a group of ‘urban prospectors’, who are on the hunt for gold in Denver, Colorado. They have a map, equipment and all the knowledge they need, they only need to overcome the odds to find the gold they so desperately want. Fighting through natives, insurgents and the rough terrain, these three prospectors won’t stop until they find the legendary location known as Big Bend where they’re sure to find gold.

Gold Men is a pretty good parody of all those ‘gold’ shows, even down to the constant threat that their ‘season will be over’. The only problem I had was that it felt too long. Gold Men is an excellent sketch that just dragged out a bit too long.

I’m giving Gold Men 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s an interesting and funny premise, but just took a bit too long and started to feel like one joke told too many times. But, if you love these prospector shows, then you’re liable to love this too. Find out more over at