Golden Earrings (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Women are complex things. Just ask any guy you might run into, we’ll never figure them out. And, even when they give us some clues, we’ll still never know what goes on in those overly complex heads of theirs…and, you know what, after seeing the new movie by Marion Kerr, Golden Earrings, I’m not sure that I really want to know what’s going on in there.

The story here is really about two women who are best friends. When one disappears, the other begins to lose her grip on reality. It seems that her whole identity is wound up in being the friend. And, as the movie goes on, we begin to think that maybe she’s done something to her friend!

Golden Earrings is a glimpse into the psyche of the friendship that some women have, it’s deep, it’s very involved and it can be disturbing at times. Golden Earrings looks great, and the acting is amazing, but the real beauty of the movie is in the writing. The story begins as just a simple story of friends, then takes a turn into a missing persons type of story and ends up being the profile of a woman in the middle of a complete mental break-down, and the whole time, we, the audience, as led down several paths until, at the end, the ending left me complete slack-jawed!

I’m giving Golden Earrings four out of four cigars, because, despite the fact that I’m not a woman, I felt like I got a glimpse into the darker side of femininity here…and I now I’m going to treat my wife a whole lot better than I ever treated her before (and I treat her pretty well)! You can see the trailer and find out more about Golden Earrings by heading over to writer/director Marion Kerr’s web site. This is one movie that will stay with you for a while! So, until next time, when I’ll be keeping a close eye on all the women around me, remember that the best movies are bad movies.