Gone Hollywood (2012) – By Brian Morton

We all love a ‘coming home’ story. Face it, there’s something primal about someone who’s a good person but lost their way, finding their way back without ruining their life…we all love it! Well, the new movie, Gone Hollywood, takes that piece of cinematic music and plays it note perfect!

Al had a hit TV show for a couple of years, but has since found his career fallen on hard times. He can’t get a job, except in reality TV, and doesn’t want to do that, because he considers himself an actor. Al’s life suddenly changes when his father dies and leaves him the family owned bar in his old hometown. In order for Al to own the bar, he has to spend 30 days working there, so Al is leaves Hollywood for Texas to do his time, get his bar, sell it and then get back to his nice live in L.A..

What Al doesn’t count on is that the bar is the community center of the town, and seeing old friends and a woman who he genuinely begins to fall in love with, makes him begin to rethink his career path…and even his life choices.

Gone Hollywood isn’t breaking any new ground, you’ve all seen this kind of movie, small town guy lets success go to his head, only to have it deflated and come back to reality. The difference here is the all Latino cast, but this isn’t really a ‘Latino’ movie, this is just a great story. I’m giving Gone Hollywood 4 out of 4 cigars, while it’s not playing any new music, the music that it’s playing is so good, you’ll find yourself loving it anyway! Go Hollywood yourself by heading over to http://www.image-entertainment.com.